Genesis: Day 2 Devotion

Genesis 3:21

The LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.

I love this verse in scripture. If you ever wondered if God forgives, if God loves us: this verse should make it clear.

Adam and his wife have just wrecked everything.

They have just disobeyed God because they wanted to be more, wanted to have more, than they already had.

God is about to make sure they don’t also eat from the tree of life by kicking them out of the garden they were given charge of. The garden that had everything they needed, including a daily conversation with the Creator – which they traded for knowledge that made them feel shame and fear. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie – to put it in the words of the apostle Paul.

And so, they are ashamed of themselves for the first time, because of their nakedness. Not because of their disobedience specifically, but because they have suddenly recognized that they are missing something. Where before they knew they were cared for and loved, now they see their own bodies as somehow defiled and desperate and soiled.

The God who created those bodies, who surely mourned the shift from carefree innocence to burdened pain that these had brought, this God didn’t abandon them, didn’t shrug off their situation. God made them clothes. And God put them on them. This is the kind of love that cares more about the other than self. The love of God wraps the sinner in the skin of other creatures, even after being rejected. God’s love isn’t a small thing, it is big enough to care about our shame even in the midst of our own failing. God’s love covers us when we don’t deserve it, wraps us up when we would otherwise be left naked and ashamed by our sin. I love this verse because it whispers a reminder of God’s love and grace in a simple act of kind provision. They were naked and afraid and God took care of them. He loved them.

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